Jenna’s July-September Favourite Things

October 15, 2020 by Jenna | Features

Back in March, I honestly didn’t think that I’d still be working from home in October, but here we are 🙂 As a result, a lot of my favourites from earlier in the year are still my favourites but I’ve also been rediscovering some older favourites too.

Polaroid ZIP Mobile Instant Printer

I’ve had my Polaroid ZIP printer for about 4 years now and I’ve been using it pretty infrequently until now. I’ve been doing quite a bit of journaling in the last few months and the Polaroid ZIP has been really handle for me to print out pictures from my phone to memory keep in my planners and journals. I bought a huge stash of the printer paper a while back so it’s been nice to use it up and to make use of a device that was quite an expensive purchase at the time.

Label maker

I’ve been wanting a label maker since I knew what a label maker was (since I was a child/teen). I finally bit the bullet and bought one a few months ago and it’s actually increased my quality of life a little bit. My boyfriend no longer confuses the pink salt with sugar (for him, pink means sweet), and now my different kinds of flours are all neatly labelled. I just wish the tapes weren’t so expensive but I’ve been making do with the default black text on white tape that comes with the machine. The one that I have is the Brother P-Touch Cube.

Bread making

This has been a recurring favourite this year, but over the past few months I’ve progressed from just making sourdough loaves to trying different kinds of leavened breads. I’ve made brioche, challah, babka, ciabatta and melonpan (Japanese melon bread). I’ve also really gotten into making homemade pizzas using dough leavened with sourdough starter. In other news, my sourdough starter, Stan, is now more than 6 months old!

Crime drama TV shows

I’ve rediscovered my love of NCIS in the last few weeks and have been binge watching it in my spare time. I’d watched episodes on and off when it was on TV when I was younger, but having just recently discovered that the show is still running, I’ve been trying to watch all the seasons that I can get my hands on. I’ve also been loving FBI, which airs on TV in Australia on Sunday nights. There are only two seasons so far but I find the issues explored to be topical and the twists in the show to be really gripping.

DIY bubble tea

I’ve been getting DIY bubble tea kits from Bubble Tea Club (Australia-based) for the past 2-3 months and it’s not only delicious but has saved me a lot of money. Each serve is around $2.50-3, which is dramatically cheaper than buying one from a bubble tea store and it tastes just like what you can buy in store as well. It’s not too time consuming to make, though it is time consuming enough to stop me from having it all the time! If you want to try it out, you can get $10 off with my referral code (disclaimer: I also get $10 off).

What have your favourites been over the last few months? Also, what are your favourite TV shows of the moment?

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Jenna is an Aussie blogger and reader who loves to indulge in great books and great food. She is a doctor (of philosophy) and can usually be found fangirling about something, devouring delicious food, or taking a nap. You can find her on Twitter @readwithjenna and on Instagram @readingwithjenna.


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