HarperCollins BTCYA Night with Upcoming 2016 Releases!

November 22, 2015 by Jenna | Books, Event Recaps, Features

Today we bring to you an event recap of the HarperCollins BTCYA Nights held in Brisbane and Sydney! Jenna and Jeann attended separate events and while they were mostly similar, we of course met different people there and had different special guests.

BTCYA Night in Sydney – Jenna

On Friday night, I attended the Sydney BTCYA event hosted by HarperCollins Australia. It was a night full of fun, trivia and talk about upcoming HarperCollins YA releases. I had an amazing time and it was wonderful being able to see a lot of other Sydney bloggers there too. Here are just a few of us who managed to get into the group photo!

Sydney BTCYA selfie! (photo credits: @HarperCollinsYA on Twitter)

Sydney BTCYA selfie! (photo credits: @HarperCollinsYA on Twitter)

YA Trivia and Guess the Dress

We kicked the night off with some YA trivia and there were some amazing prizes up for grabs. It was a stick-your-hand-up-as-fast-as-you-can system, and because there were so many attendees, there was lots of fierce competition! If you were chosen and answered the question correctly, you got to choose from a table of goodies that included beautiful finished copies and ARCs of upcoming releases.

Photo 20-11-2015, 6 16 01 PM

I was lucky enough to be chosen to answer a question about the winner of the Gold Inky Award, Gabrielle Tozer (whose books I have reviewed on the blog here), and I chose to take home a signed copy of Ten Thousand Skies Above You by Claudia Gray, the sequel to A Thousand Pieces of You. I almost reached for This is Where the World Ends by Amy Zhang instead, but I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the Firebird trilogy recently that I just had to go for Ten Thousand Skies Above You.

We also had a Guess the Dress competition where we were shown book covers of models wearing dresses, and we had to guess the title of the book. Sadly my hand never went up fast enough to answer any of them but I was extremely pleased to have won something considering there were so many of us in attendance.

Special Guest – Jamie Curry

The Sydney guest was kept a surprise until the event, so we had no idea who we’d be meeting! I did guess who the guest was going to be a day or two before the event, but it was nice to have my suspicions confirmed 🙂

Photo 20-11-2015, 7 32 53 PM

The guest for Sydney BTCYA was Youtuber, Jamie Curry! She has a memoir published by HarperCollins called They Let Me Write A Book. Sadly, I’m not really familiar with Jamie and I don’t watch her videos, so I didn’t end up picking up a copy of her book.

During the Q&A, she talked about how she doesn’t know how to use the internet at all, and needed her mum to show her how to order a pizza online. She briefly mentioned Troye Sivan and I fangirled a little because I LOVE Troye! She talked about how she’s not really a book reader and can’t remember the last book she read, besides They Let Me Write A Book, of course. That was a little bit awkward since she was in a room with 100+ book lovers. But she did redeem herself by saying that she loves book to movie adaptations because they saved her from having to read the books during school!

Book Haul

I received a bag full of goodies from HarperCollins! Jeann received the same things in her bag so check out her picture below! There was a finished copy of Demon Road by Derek Landy, an ARC of Lady Helen and the Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman, a large poster of Ten Thousand Skies Above You and a smaller poster of Demon Road.

I, of course, also took home my signed copy of Ten Thousand Skies Above You that I won during the trivia game. I also did some book trades with a couple of bloggers and brought home Love is the Higher Law by David Levithan, and Catching Jordan and Stealing Parker by Miranda Kenneally (two contemporaries that I’ve heard a lot of about over the years but still haven’t read). At the end of the night, there were books available for purchase, so I picked up a copy of A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray and The Peony Lantern by Frances Watts.

Photo 20-11-2015, 7 56 44 PM

With YA publicist, Amanda, who is sadly leaving HarperCollins T_T

BTCYA Night in Brisbane – Jeann

Brisbane’s BTCYA Night was held about 2 weeks ago, and I had a great time seeing some familiar faces and meeting new YA readers and bookstagrammers! It was more intimate than the Sydney event, but Amanda, Tim and Terry the Dinosaur were awesome hosts for the night, fangirling about The Selection and YA in general.

Brisbane BTCYA Crowd (photo credits to HarperCollins

Here’s the books we could buy on the night!


Special Guest – Gabrielle Tozer 

We were lucky enough to have Aussie YA author Gabrielle Tozer join us and talk about her books, The Intern and Faking It which Jenna reviewed here.

Gabrielle was so lovely and bubbly, and told us some hilarious embarrassing stories which made it’s way into her book and about working as an journalist as well. She was really inspirational and her advice for budding authors is to ‘remember why you started writing, and to write for yourself’ because it’s so easy to be jaded by other people’s processes and advice when there is no right or wrong way to write.


Book Haul 


Here’s the goodie bag I got along with the Insurgent DVD I won at Trivia! I’m not the biggest fan of Demon Road (as you can see in my review here) but it’s always cool getting cool swag. Definitely a generous goodie bag, I love the beautiful poster! Definitely one of my favourite covers!

Upcoming 2016 Releases to Add to Your TBR 


Lady Helen and the Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman – This is an Aussie YA title pitched at fans of Libba Bray and Cassandra Clare, with demons infiltrating the society set in historical London.

Burning Glass by Kathryn Purdie – A fantasy where the main character has the special ability of sensing auras and protecting an emperor from assassins – definitely sounds like it’s up my alley!

A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir – I loved Ember in the Ashes (Review) for it’s brutality in a Greco-Roman society, so I’m definitely looking forward to the sequel, especially after that cliffhanger!

Flamecaster by Cinda Williams Chima – I love the sound of the dark magic, seven realms and fantasy setting in this one! It’s based in the same world as the Seven Realms series which I haven’t read yet.

The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye – This one is about the Crown’s Game, an ancient duel of magical skill who will become the Tsar’s respected adviser. It kind of reminds me of Throne of Glass in a way, but I love how this one is set in Russia!


Lady Helen and the Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman – The first book in a new Aussie YA trilogy, set in Regency London. It was described to me as Buffy meets Pride and Prejudice, which is all I need in my life to be honest.

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken – Is there anybody who’s not highly anticipating Passenger? I was hoping that an ARC of Passenger would be available as a trivia prize but sadly it wasn’t. Some people did get a copy in their goodie bag though (so much envy). This book is about time travel and pirates that are apparently hotter than Johnny Depp.

This is Where the World Ends by Amy Zhang – I have been told that this book will have me ugly-crying in the fetal position for hours and hours, and give me the ultimate book hangover, which is exactly the kind of book I need in my life.

The Passion of Dolssa by Julie Berry – This book is said to be perfect for fans of Kate Forsyth. From the synopsis, this book sounds like a wonderful story about female friendship and I’m looking forward to reading about medieval France!

Unrivaled by Alyson Noel – This book is coming out on the same day in 200 countries next May. It’s the first book in a new thrilling suspense trilogy, which is not something that I usually go for, but I’ve been told that the strawberry on the book cover is dipped in real gold… and is the sexiest strawberry on earth. I need to meet this strawberry!

Which of these reads did you add to your TBR?

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46 responses to “HarperCollins BTCYA Night with Upcoming 2016 Releases!

  1. Jade @ Bedtime Bookworm

    I'm also looking forward to A Torch in the Night and Passenger! I've heard some good things about The Crown's Game too, so I'm interested to see more reviews on it.
    My recent post Happy Thanksgiving!

    • I've also heard great things about The Crown's Game but I'm waiting to see some more reviews as well! It sounds like a wonderful concept for a book and I'm really excited about the Russian setting!

  2. Great event recap I was at the Sydney one but came by myself and was way too embarrassed to raise my hands to answer the trivia questions, if I had seen the table of the prizes I think I would have braved the embarrassment though LOL

    I'd love to meet up with you girls in the next event.

    What are those Demon Road swag? I got the book in mine but not any of the other stuff. I can't wait to hang my poster, love that series.

    Wish there were more books to buy though LOL and a discount would not have gone astray.

    • We didn't have the table of prizes in Brisbane, had to pick out the prizes out of a bag lol. The Demon Road map came with a map of their road trip, and a poster of skullduggery pleasant holding Demon Road lol.

    • Hehe I actually didn't get Insurgent – I think it was a prize that Jeann won. But I'm so much happier with a copy of Ten Thousand Skies Above You than an Insurgent DVD. HAHAHA. Hopefully Divergent will happen before the year is over… no promises though. Thanks Summer!

  3. It looked like such an amazing night and sad that I couldn't attend the Melbourne event. Who doesn't love a bit of swag and congratulations on your win Jenna, I love the Firebird series and can't wait to see what you think of it. I'm surprised Jeann didn't buy any books at the event, she usually can't help herself even if those shelves are overflowing 😀

    I can't WAIT for Passenger. I loved her Darkest Minds series and who doesn't love a sexy pirate! Awesome wrap up girls, really enjoyed it <3
    My recent post Magisterium Double Shot… Yer' a Wizard Callum

    • Hahah oh man you know about my shelf problem for sure! That's cos I've been hoarding like a maniac at all the book sales! Passenger sounds incredible, I still haven't read the Darkest Mind!

  4. Charlene @ Bookish Whimsy

    Wow, I'm not really aware if they do these kinds of events for bloggers in the US! That's so cool that you two were able to go! It's really kind of the publishers! And some of the upcoming releases named, I haven't heard of, so I'm glad to add more books to my tbr. The Crown's Game and Passenger sound the most interesting to me! 🙂 Thank you for your recaps!
    My recent post Gene Kelly: The Legacy

    • We're starting to get more bookish events in Australia now. Penguin Teen Australia is also holding some events this week! I'm still jealous of all the big events that you guys have in the States like BEA and YallFest. We had Book Expo Australia here last month but it was a terrible event. Most people left a couple of hours into the first day!

  5. Romi

    Ooh, well it looks like you both had splendid times at the respective events! How fantastic of Harper Collins to get special guests for each one, and to keep them under wraps. That is totally awesome and I would've been so excited to guess and consider all the potential candidates! I have to say, I know fairly little (read: zilch) about either of the guests you saw, but I'm poorly in the dark about many bookish things and it seems like it was a super fun, exciting event, for both of you! I'm so happy for you guys!
    And those book tables. Those look fantastic.
    My recent post Perceivable Intensities (7) Vote for a character name!

    • I know, it\’s so amazing and this week we have the Penguin Teen event in my city as well! It was so much fun, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment as always Romi! <3

  6. keionda

    ALL OF YOU GUY'S (is this grammatically correct??) books look totally amaze-balls and I envy you BOTH because BOOKS! Sorry, okay, rant over. Phew. For the past year it's been a dream of mine to attend at least one booking event. Be it BEA, or a different one so I'm glad to see that you guys had so much fun because it only instills that need in me so much more! <3

    • It was pretty neat that they put an event on for bloggers and book readers! It's so much fun meeting like minded people. I would definitely put up this poster too!

  7. Josephine

    Ah! Fabulous post, Jenna! I absolutely loved hearing about this and you've given me a bunch of new books to be excited about and to grieve my TBR with more books! Woo hoo! How exciting! Glad you had a great time and met some awesome people. It's so cool, and the best feeling when you win things at events like this.
    My recent post The One by Kiera Cass | Book Chat

    • It was actually the best feeling to win something. There were so many people there and it was so hectic that I almost burst from happiness when they chose me! I'm loving the sound of so many of the upcoming releases. Luckily I'll have a couple of months to tackle my existing TBR before I add more to it 🙂

  8. Shannelle C.

    This looks like so much fun! I wish there was something like this near me, and I love the sound of those upcoming titles! I didn't know Alison Goodma was writing another book!

  9. Ebony

    Ooh, sounds as though you both had fantastic nights! Jealous of the goodies you picked up – I haven't been around the blogosphere lately, so am quite out of touch with 2015 releases and I'm so glad this post reminded me that I NEED to read Ten Thousand Skies Above You! Of course I've also got some 2016 releases that I'm now looking forward to – Burning Glass, The Crown's Game, Passenger and of course more Amy Zhang!

    • Hey Ebony, long time no see! I loved A Thousand PIeces of You so I'm looking forward to reading that one! So many amazing 2016 releases as well, I hope you find a new favourite!

  10. AHHHH THIS NEW RELEASES. *hugs them all* I am so desperate for the Flamecaster book. 😀 I've only just started the Demon King series but already it's one of my top favourites of EVER. You need to try it!! HONEST.
    And so awesome you both won goodies. :') I'd love to go to one of these one day…eep!

    • I know, so many amazing new fantasy releases coming out! So glad to hear you love Demon King, I'd have to check it out! I hope we get to meet one day Cait!

  11. booksbonesbuffy

    Wow, looks like some super fun events! I'm looking forward to so many of these books, especially Passenger and the Crown's Game. Thanks for sharing your fun times!

  12. Eeee beautiful pictures!! <3 I'm so glad you guys had fun, and it's awesome to see all these bloggers and publishers working together. 🙂

    • That's one of my most anticipated releases for the first half of 2016! I was so close to picking the ARC copy as my trivia prize instead of Ten Thousand Skies Above You.

  13. Aww Jenna, I didn't get to meet you on Friday, but hopefully at another event down the track 🙂

    Such a fun night!! And I'm so sad that Tim and Amanda will be leaving us 🙁

    I'm so excited for all the awesome books coming out in 2016 – especially Passenger! I did manage to snag a copy in my goodie bag hehe.

    Jeann! Brisbane's event looked fun as well. So much smaller but more intimate 😀 All the books you're looking forward to are exactly the same as mine!!

    • Definitely! I saw you sitting a few of rows behind me but the room was so packed with people when the event was over that I didn't really get a chance to mingle. Crowds scare me haha 🙁

      I'm so jealous that you got Passenger!! I was almost tempted to rummage through all the unclaimed bags at the end of the event but a couple other people also had that same idea so I gave up on it 😀

  14. Ooh, that all looks so awesome! I'm so excited for The Dark Days Club myself. And YES The Unrivaled cover! Seriously, a strawberry dipped in gold? Like, how is that not one of the most delicious (ha literally) 2016 YA covers??? Ooh. Passenger! A definite, also!

    Glad you had fun, girls!
    My recent post DNF Review: Divah

    • Forget the chocolate-dipped strawberries! I demand strawberries dipped in gold from now on. Haha it was pitched to us as the sexiest and most expensive strawberry ever 😀 I'm really looking forward to reading Unrivaled! I can't wait to start Lady Helen and pick up Passenger, which is actually releasing a lot sooner than I thought!

  15. Rachel Lightwood

    Guys, it sounds like you had SO much fun! I am tingling with excitement. I am going to the Adelaide #PTALive tomorrow night and I am MORE than excited! Like seriously. I've never been to a book convention before… not even a signing so I have no idea what to expect. I don't know any other Adelaide bloggers, but I hope there will be a lot of people there!
    My recent post {Mirror Mirror} NaNoWriMo in 10 Days & Lots of Trailers!

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