Chatterbox: The Pros and Cons of Co-Blogging

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It’s been almost four months since the lovely Jenna and Aila joined me on Happy Indulgence! While I was super nervous about the decision to co-blog based on my past experience, I have had the best time blogging with these two – not one day passes where I’m not thankful for their help with Happy Indulgence (thank you SO MUCH to Aila for her cute drawing of the banner!! It’s so perfect!) 

Today I chat with Jenna and Aila on what it’s like co-blogging together and what happens behind the scenes!


Jeann: So what has co-blogging been like for you? My favourite part is definitely our fun chats and discussions and your constant support on everything in life! From Jenna’s daily cake rituals to Aila’s constant extra-curricular activities, it’s been so much fun getting to know you guys.

I don’t know how I blogged by myself for such a long time, because now I have time to do things other than constantly reading ARCs, blogging and commenting all the time. I have time to read books for me and there are days that go by where I don’t even check Happy Indulgence, because I know it’s in good hands. I have a pretty busy life, and having co-bloggers definitely helps to maintain that balance! I just can’t thank you guys enough!

Jenna: *munches on cake* Co-blogging with Jeann and Aila is the best experience of my short blogging life! I love our daily chats about books, work and life in general. Aila always sends us super cute motivational gifs when we’re feeling down and they seriously make my day! She also does super cute drawings of Jeann and me, which like make my YEAR. We also have really different tastes in books and I love getting recommendations from Jeann and Aila. I’ve read so many books that I wouldn’t normally read because of their recommendations.

I especially love being able to do posts together. Our Carry On and Lady Helen and the Dark Days Club discussion reviews are two of my favourite posts that I’ve contributed to Happy Indulgence. It feels so awesome to be able to discuss our thoughts and fangirl about books together!

Aila: Okay so imagine you’re having a bad day, and you’re just feeling “URGHHH” and “BLERGHH” and *tears streaming everywhere*. If you’re anything like me, then experiencing those kinds of tumultuous emotions is pretty common. Our Happy Indulgence chat is the thing that always manages to brighten my day up, no matter what. Having Jeann and Jenna’s support is such a blessing, and every time I visit this beautiful site, I silently thank the day I joined this amazing team.

Omigosh our conversations about tentacles are the best things ever though (see Lady Helen and the Dark Days Club discussion review to get in on it). The chat is filled with hilarious inside jokes, each one of us supporting the other, and just fangirling in general. Our differences in reading choices make for great variety, but we also have a bunch of books that we can all get together and love. It’s pretty much the perfect balance.  

OUR Co-Blogging Challenges

Jeann: I’m so excited that you guys enjoy our daily chats – the motivation is definitely something that I rely on so much! I love Aila’s positivity and Jenna’s hilarious view on life. For those wanting to co-blog, I think one of the reasons why Jenna, Aila and I work so well together is that we’re not just contributing to a blog together. We’re building a place which we all want to be a part of. It’s not just about our passion for books, although we do flail and rant about books all the time, but I think getting to know your fellow co-bloggers (and blogger friends in general!) is really important.

While things have been a blast, what has been the biggest challenge for you guys so far? I think for me, it’s learning to pull back and not posting at the frantic rate like I’m used to. For instance, I have around 20 written drafts in WordPress (I’m not kidding) and finding a time to schedule them all in has been challenging. On the one hand, I want to post it all, but I don’t want to overwhelm readers with posts everyday. It’s a good thing though, because it forces me to slow down and focus on other things – which is why I decided to co-blog to begin with.

Aila: In the beginning, it took me some time to get on my feet with blogging on two different blogs. I remember one time I didn’t schedule my post until about two hours before it was supposed to be posted. (So anytime you feel terrible about scheduling/posting in general, remember that little scene hehe.) But after actually sitting down and scheduling things, I ended up getting posts up to the next four months! It’s honestly the best feeling in the world.

Surprisingly, it was really easy for me to write under Happy Indulgence’s review format since it’s so organized and similar to what I do. I adore sharing my thoughts on different platforms, and the Blogger Chatterbox posts have really encouraged me to write more discussions!

Jenna: I think the biggest challenge for me at the moment is replying to comments promptly and commenting back. I’ve hit a bit of a commenting slump recently and it’s been a huge struggle for me to reply to comments on my own blog and Happy Indulgence in a timely manner. But I also know that they will be all replied to at some point, so I try not to stress about it too much. It also helps that with the blog hopping and commenting back, I can rely on Jeann and Aila when I’m feeling particularly swamped (which has been really often lately, but I’m getting back on track).

The pros outweigh the cons for me though. I’ve met so many new bloggers who are readers of Happy Indulgence and I’ve had a great time forging friendships with them. Co-blogging also makes me a bit more organised with my posting schedule. We all need to be on the same page with the schedule, which makes me plan out what I want to post in the coming weeks.


Jeann: As you can see, becoming a co-blogger requires a fair amount of organisation skills, especially if you’ll be blogging on multiple blogs, but the friendship and support network makes it worth it. If you’re thinking of looking for co-bloggers, it definitely has the benefit of relieving that pressure, but also realise that it’s an extra load on others as well. And most of all, relax, have fun and get to know your fellow co-bloggers and build an awesome support network of books and fangirling!

Just to wrap up, what’s your advice for those who are thinking of co-blogging?

Aila: I’d say that if you’re on the lookout for co-bloggers or are thinking of co-blogging, be prepared for new responsibilities – but also loads of fun! Also never hesitate to speak up, whether you’re listing what you’re looking for in regards to co-bloggers or how you would be a great addition to the team. Honesty and communication is so crucial when you’re working as a team. Looking back, it’s kind of scary how great we click at Happy Indulgence. What can I say? I guess in the end, love of food and books trumps all. 😛

Jenna: I completely agree with everything Jeann and Aila said. There’s a huge thrill that comes with co-blogging and sharing your content in a different space, but it does require a lot of organisation. I used to post on my own blog in an impromptu manner, but now I’ve got a strict schedule so that I’m sure I have enough content for both blogs. Co-blogging does take a little while to get used to, especially if you’re not used to the formatting style, but don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions and ask for help if you’re feeling overwhelmed! That’s what co-bloggers are for! Most importantly, just have fun.

Are you thinking of co-blogging or do you have a co-blogger? Tell us below! 

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Jeann is an Aussie YA blogger and mum who loves to read and recommend books! You can usually find me fangirling about books on my various social media channels including Twitter @happyindulgence, Instagram and Youtube.

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32 responses to “Chatterbox: The Pros and Cons of Co-Blogging

  1. Thanks Emily, it's been a blast since they both joined the blog, and I've never looked back! It definitely isn't for everyone, I love your blog too.

  2. This is such an awesome post (also, the drawing is adorable, Aila!) I have gone back and forth on co-bloggers for a loooong time. I love the idea of the camaraderie, and the ability to kind of breathe a little bit, because that sounds amazing. I am reading a non-review book right now for the first time since October. So yeah. But… can I let go of the control? I don't know. I also have no set "style", which is why it might not work for me. Like- there is no schedule, I thought Aila was so cute about scheduling her post two hours in advance, because if I schedule mine two MINUTES in advance, I consider it a success 😉 Plus what would I even ask someone to do? "Hi, can you help me blog? And by 'help me blog', I mean be super weird and random." But it sounds like so much fun! I LOVE the idea of being able to have people in my corner, backing me up.

    I assume that to co-blog successfully, you have to have the right mix of personalities. So maybe someone less… insane would help me? Even things out maybe? Love this post though, I like that you addressed both sides of it!
    My recent post The 100 Episode 3×13: Join or Die

    • Lolol actually at hapoy Indulgence most of our posts are scheduled in advance except for Sunday posts, so it was kind of funny me going in reminding her lol. There are definitely pros and cons to co-blogging, like if you add more bloggers it's going to dilute the voice on the blog a bit but also add new voices to the mix. It's definitely having the right personalities but also the understanding on your side that they are a different person and if they have a blog of their own that it's the extra load as well. I actually tried it out with a few guest bloggers before taking the plunge and it worked out well!

  3. I love having a co-blogger on the book blog. So much more fun to bounce ideas off each other, chat about books and put that as a blog post!

  4. keionda

    I've never thought of sharing my blog with anyone else and I know it has to be really hard to do! But at the same time, I know, like all of you mentioned here that in the end it's less stressful and you also get to meet other people with the same interests! It sounds like due to co-blogging that you guys have grown even closer together! YAY YOU GUYS! <3

    • It is definitely a hard thing to do but just so much fun if you find people that you gel with – and you're able to share your blog! Thank you so much *hugs*

  5. kynndra

    I tried book blogging by myself. I lasted like three months and I HATED it so, so much lmao! (being solo that is). Joining up with Kelly was ultimately the best decision of my online life. I couldn't imagine not co-blogging now that I've been doing it for eight months. It also helps that I was good friends with Kelly beforehand, but we're even closer now. It's just really fun and way less stressful having someone to share the workload with! It's all about finding someone(s) that you click with. It's also a bonus to be able to have an amazing friend at your side 24/7. Wouldn't go back to solo blogging if you paid me to haha, I just wasn't cut out for it!

    Wonderful post, you guys. I'm so happy to hear that co-blogging is going swell for you three! c: so many good point.
    My recent post Guest Posting with Morgan Matson

    • I know, I'm so glad you and Kelly have found each other because I absolutely love your voices! I know she was struggling for a time there and you've really helped her pull through with renewed vigour. I'm so glad that you guys get along so well especially when blogging together. Thank you so much lovely! ,3

  6. I'm not planning on finding a co-blogger, because for the time being, I'm still very happy having my blog all to myself! However, it's still very nice to know that co-blogging can be as amazing as it seems to be for the three of you 🙂
    I do think honesty and open communication is important – both with co-bloggers and with other bloggers in general 🙂
    Great post, ladies!
    My recent post Mini Blog Ahead Challenge

  7. Grace @ RebelMommyBB

    Great post!! I am constantly thinking about having a co-blogger because I get stressed with everything. It was good to hear the good and the bad 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!
    My recent post Review ~ Dangerous Girls

  8. Bec

    I love coblogging! It's fun to have another person to bounce ideas off and interact with, and it also takes off some pressure. But scheduling can be difficult, especially if you're both reading a lot and making lots of posts at the same time haha. I think the hardest thing is finding someone who you work really well with!

    Excellent post girls 😀
    My recent post 5 Things About Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson

  9. aentee @ read at midnight

    Aw, you guys make up for the cutest coblogging team you're such a tight group! Kudos to Jeann for managing to pick two completely awesome and flawless people to join her. I loved HI before, but I love it even more now with the voices of Jenna and Aila thrown into the mix. You guys were obviously made for one another. I wish you many happy more years of collaborations. This is such an awesome post as well, I know it will be incredibly helpful to everyone who's thinking about coblogging.

    • Thank you so much Aentee for all of your support throughout the process too! You helped me find some really great girls <3

  10. I love this! Nereyda and I were thinking of writing a similar post too, since it's been 6 months of co-blogging for us so that people who are scared to take the stop can gain some insight and maybe not be so scared anymore to take that leap.
    It's definitely took some time for me as well to get used to not having to schedule posts daily, but it's for the better because I have more time to do other stuff now. N and I were friends before we decided to co-blog, but I feel like we know each other so much better now. We've gone through a couple of things together and I know I can always count on her to support me no matter what and vice versa. 🙂 I feel so odd if I don't chat with her daily!
    I honestly think co-blogging is the absolute best if you find someone who you mesh well with and get along with. 🙂
    I'm so glad that you've found such incredible co-bloggers Jeann, whom I've also grown to absolutely adore! I can definitely see how they are PERFECT for you and you for them! 🙂

    P.S Aila share these Jeann & Jenna drawings with us, will ya?? And Jenna, daily cake rituals??? I need more info!

    My recent post The Weekly Recap (188) & April Monthly Recap

    • Thank you so much Nick, I'm looking forward to that post that you guys write! I was really scared because it didn't work out with my first co-blogger and I was really scared to step in, but I'm really glad I took the plunge again. You definitely have more time which is precious! I'm so glad that both of you guys can support each other through the process which definitely helps as well. That feels the same with Aila and Jenna, we chat everyday whether briefly or long sometimes! Thank you so much guys!

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