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August 8, 2015 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Books, Features, Videos

Part 2 of my 2nd vlog is here! I wrapped up the books I read during July and what I thought about them. You can watch Part 1, with my latest book haul and Paula Weston author signing here.

Vlogging is so much fun! I’m really enjoying talking about books and actually showing you guys what I’m talking about. I’m still getting used to editing though, it takes many hours for me. It’s because I waffle on for so long and I can’t leave a silent space without filling it lol!

During July, I read the following books which I recapped in the video (except for Polaris, because I forgot):

everythingleads hexed challengerdeep captainmarvel capmarvel2 paperweight bitinbetween howtheymet splintered dumplin royalwedding Polaris

Full reviews are linked where available.

Thank you to everyone who has subscribed so far, as always I am really eager to hear your feedback! Should I continue with the monthly recaps? What else would you like to see me talk about?

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30 responses to “Video: July Wrap Up & August TBR

  1. Love this! I am very excited to read Everything Leads to You, and even though you didn't love it, Dumplin! I adored Challenger Deep, of course but that is because Neal Shusterman can do no wrong in my book. 😀

    You know, when you talked about David Levithan, that was the same problem I'd had with a short story of his I'd read. It was almost that it WASN'T okay for a gay guy to NOT be shouting his sexuality from the rooftops. And seriously? Not everyone WANTS to shout about their sexuality, no matter what it is! (Sorry, mini rant!)

    UPROOTED. It is beautiful, and I hope you love it! Also, I am SO excited to read The Rest of Us Just Live Here! If I can get through a few more Sept ARCs I am reading iT! And I loved Denton Little's Deathdate- SO fun, so remember going in that it shouldn't be taken too seriously 😉 Fabulous video, I hope you enjoy your ARC August books, and thanks for the recaps on all of these!
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    • Yippee! Thanks for watching my video! Yeah, I\’ve read Two Boys Kissing and How They Met and Other Stories – his style is just not for me.

      I\’m really looking forward to reading both Rest of Us and UProoted and Denton as well! There are so many great books to read!

  2. Bec

    Look at you go with your booktubing! I'm so jealous of your August TBR. There's a couple of books in there I'd jump at the chance to read some of them. Hope you enjoy them 😀
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  3. Grace @ RebelMommyBB

    Great vlog Jeann!! A lot of good books last month. I am so glad you liked Because You'll Never Meet Me. I thought it was great. Everything Leads to You is one I wanted to check out and definitely will now! Have a great week!
    My recent post Weekly Rewind ~ 8.9.15

  4. Oh my gosh, I applaud you for reading that much books, Jeann! Seriously, all of them are really good 🙂 I only managed to read just 2 books last July, which were Queen of Tomorrow and Anne & the French Kiss. Both were really good books ^-^ I had no idea you vlogged! HAHA. I'm so unupdated!!! But I'm happy that you actually vlog because I don't think I have the courage to talk in front of a camera AT ALL 🙂 Have a great August, Jeann! And stay amazing <3
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  5. Braine-Talk Supe

    You had a strong July. I on the other hand was 9 books short of my goal so now I'm catching up. Gah! It never ends!

  6. THAT IS A LOT OF BOOKS FOR JULY, SO IMPRESSED JEANN! Everything leads to you sounds wonderful, and I just adore the cover, so pretty! Hexed sounds fancy oooh, loving the sound of it! Royal Wedding did retain all the charm of the previous books, but Mia definitely annoyed me a lot haha.

    Oooh Captain Marvel! I've really into graphic novels atm, so might check it out 😀

    Loving all your vlogs, keep them coming 😉

    • Hehehe man you guys are impressed at me but then I see other people who read 43 books!! How crazy is that! Anyways, so many amazing books here. Haha a shame about Mia. Thanks for watching <3

  7. keionda

    You do so well at blogging! And you know what ? I can tell you're much more comfortable with it! I'm glad you're loving it! Just keep doing what you're doing as long as it makes you happy and you'll go so far girl. Keep up the great work!♡♡

    • Yup, I think I got used to it this time around. I waffled on for so long, it took me ages to cut it down lol! Thank you so much Keionda!

  8. Awesome vlog Jeann! Also I liked how you were like "I hated all the characters in Splintered" hahah! Well it is true the love triangle sucked. Anyways, I guess I really need to read Everything Leads to You now! I was hesitating because I don't really care much for filming, but you've convinced me to read it anyways!!!

    • Thanks Rachel for watching and your neverending support! I loved both of those. Hmmm, lots of people loved Splintered, but it just wasn't for me.

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