Indulgence Insider #36 – Paula Weston Signing & Book Haul VLOG

August 2, 2015 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Books, Features, Indulgence Insider, Videos


Indulgence Insider is our version of Stacking the Shelves, Bought, Borrowed & Bagged and the Sunday Post, bringing you this week’s haul, bookish news and discussion posts from around the blogosphere!

This is going to be a quick update this week. It’s been a hard time for my family, my grandpa passed away a couple of days ago. He lived until he was 80, with lots of kids, grandchildren and great grandchildren. We live so far away from family in Malaysia, so we didn’t get to attend his funeral today. I hope he has a peaceful rest. RIP Grandpa…

I went to Paula Weston’s Author Signing yesterday, check out my latest vlog & book haul:

Part 2 of the vlog will be up next week or so, I did a July recap on all the books I read and my thoughts around it. It ended up longer than I thought it would have so I need to cut it down (waffled on for about 30 minutes…whoops).

Book Haul


Bought everything above except for Shadows and White Cat by Holly Black (swapped).

Reading Update

bitinbetween paperweight PJreckoning

Book Photography

This week I reached over 1000 Instagram followers, yay! Thank you everyone for the support! My latest bookstagram pics:

IMG_20150801_133016 IMG_20150730_074735 IMG_20150730_131147

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How was your bookish week?

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55 responses to “Indulgence Insider #36 – Paula Weston Signing & Book Haul VLOG

  1. aentee @ read at midnight

    So sorry to hear about your grandfather, hope both you and your family are managing 🙁 We lost my grandmother last year and it was super tough on the family.

    I love the look of Paula Weston's series, there's not enough fantasy in Aussie fiction – will definitely go and check it out. Love the vlog, I think you are so natural on the camera! I get so shy in front of the cam (cept when I'm taking selfies 😉 ) so I much admire booktubers!
    My recent post Top Ten Tuesday: Fairy Tale Retellings

  2. danielleisbusyreading

    Sorry to hear about your grandpa. May he rest in peace!
    Love your new haul, especially those Paula Weston books. <3
    I hope you have a fantastic week, Jeann!

  3. Aw, Jeann, I am so, so sorry about your grandfather. You and your family will be in my thoughts, it is such an awful thing to go through 🙁 Big hugs.

    Yay for coloring! I love coloring, though sadly I have not started mine yet. I definitely want to read White Cat too. And your pictures are gorgeous! Hope that you enjoy your new books, and try to have a good week.
    My recent post Review & Giveaway: Never Always Sometimes by Adi Alsaid

  4. I was so sorry to hear about your grandfather Jeann, it's so hard when we lose a family member no matter how long we've had with them. Maybe you guys can celebrate his life at home by planting something in your garden, or going off to do something he enjoyed too. He'd probably love that 🙂 I hope you and the family are doing okay and my thoughts are with you all <3
    My recent post Woo Feminism… Remix by Non Pratt

    • Thanks Barb, it\’s rough losing a family member. Wow, he\’s definitely having a long life! It\’s great that you are so close.

    • Glad to hear, I read a few pages of ID and thought I should pick them up. Oh man, I can see you getting addicted and not doing everything else! Hehe

    • Thanks Val, I really appreciate it. HaHA this is terrible but that phrase is the marketing tagline for Pringles LOL (pringles are crisps in case you don't have them)

  5. Maraia

    I'm so sorry to hear about your grandpa, Jeann. It sounds like he was surrounded by lots of people who loved him, but I know it's hard not to be there yourself. *hugs*

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandpa, Jeann. *hugs*

    YAYY another vlog 🙂 I love the coloring book! I absolutely love coloring so I'm so excited to see that there is now 'adult' coloring books popping up! You did such a beautiful job !!

    The Infernal Devices series IS better than TMI in my opinion 😛 I haven't finished TMI yet but I devoured the Infernal Devices … sooo good.

    I love POP dolls too! I have been frantically searching for the HP ones… I've gotten all of then except the 3 HP ones and Dumbledore. Hagrid is HUGE compared to the regular Pop dolls… so cute. Do you have Hot Topic in Australia? They put out two LE Harry dolls, one with the sword of Gryfindor and another one with a quidditch broom.

    Can't wait to see part two of the vlog Jeann!! And I hope you enjoy all your awesome books!!!
    My recent post 3rd Annual ARC August Sign Up & Goals!

    • Thank you so much Lauren *hugs back* I'm really excited about colouring as well – unfortunately I got colouring RSI hahaha so I've had to give it a break for a week or so! I'm excited about Infernal devices, especially since now you say you didn't finish TMI. Hopefully I like it better. Oh mann, I just LOVE the Harry Potter ones! They don't have hot topic, but those LEs are available to us I think.

      Glad you enjoyed the vlog! <3 have a fab week.

  7. livredeamour

    Awesome haul. Getting your books signed are awesome. I see that you got Enchanted Forest coloring book, but I got The Secret Garden last week. I hope you love all your new books.

  8. rlsharpe

    I am so sorry to hear about your grandpa. It's a shame you couldn't get to the funeral. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    I love that you are on youtube, It was so cool seeing and hearing you since I can't meet you in person. I am so jealous that you got to meet Paula Weston. I love her. You need to read her books ASAP.

    My recent post The Amberly Chronicles Episode 18: The Other Side.

    • Thanks Rochelle, I really appreciate it. Hehe I'm glad someone's enjoying these videos! I've heard so much about her series that I'm really excited to read it.

  9. Grace @ RebelMommyBB

    So sorry for your loss Jeann.
    Great book haul – Crazy Rich Asians is on hold at the library so I can't wait to get it. The Enchanted Forrest coloring book looks great. Congrats on the Instagram milestone!
    My recent post Weekly Rewind ~ 8.2.15

  10. nellieandco

    Good luck for White Cat Jeann – Curse Workers is a super series I gave 4 stars throughout to, and the characters and the mystery, and the whole premise is just SO GOOD, so I seriously cross my fingers for you! Your signing sounded wonderful, and I'm pleased you had a great time – we don't get signings close to where I live – the closest is Liverpool, and that's still over 30-40 minutes away which sucks, and even then, we just don't get very many.. *cries* As always, I'm in love with your instagram pictures, and I very much think they're fabulous! Have a great week Jeann, and keep up the fabulous blog work! 🙂
    My recent post Book Review – Fire Fall by Bethany Frenette

    • Thanks Amanda, I've heard so many great things about it, plus Rachel Caine raved about her writing so you can't go wrong! Oh man, that's ages away unfortunately. Thank you so much as always <3

    • Thanks Pili *hugs back* I appreciate it. I haven't started on Enchanted Forest yet but the artwork is so beautiful – a bit more variety than Secret Garden which is great. I know, I've heard so many raves about the series Pili!

  11. Haha aww Jeann it just stops in the end, I wished it kept going! 😛


    I'm going to be listening to Risk on Audiobook soon, I hope it's good!!

  12. Rachel Lightwood

    I am so sorry to hear about your grandfather, Jeann! I hope that you are okay and my condolences to you and your family! <3

    And yeah, you got the Infernal Devices! I really, really hope you like them. I'm so jealous Cassie Clare is going to Brisbane and not SA. 🙁
    My recent post July Wrap-Up

    • Thank you so much Rachel, we're coping the best way we can. I'm looking forward to it – I read a few pages or so and yes, I'm excited 🙂 I'll make sure to get lots of photos with her!

  13. Aw, I am sad about your grandpa. Hope you're doing okay. 🙁

    Ahhh, books. So many books. (Have you read anything by Holly Black before?! I freakishly ADORE White Cat and the sequels.) Paperweight was totally depressing. 🙁 I wasn't really "wowed" by the big backstory reveal either, because it felt a bit cliche? Maybe that's just me though. STILL. I see Enchanted Forest! YAAAY!! Mine is coming in the mail soon. *dances*

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