Hero at the Fall Review: It Began with a Desert Girl who Wanted a Better Life…

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Hero at the Fall Review: It Began with a Desert Girl who Wanted a Better Life…Hero at the Fall by Alwyn Hamilton
Series: Rebel of the Sands #3
Published by Faber & Faber on February 1st 2018
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Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Action & Adventure
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Once, in the desert country of Miraji, there was a Sultan without an heir.

The heir had been killed by his own brother, the treacherous Rebel Prince, who was consumed by jealousy and sought the throne for himself.

Or so it was said by some. There were others who said that the Rebel Prince was not a traitor but a hero...

In the final battle for the throne, Amani must fight for everything she believes in, but with the rebellion in pieces, and the Sultan's armies advancing across the desert plains, who will lead, who will triumph, who will live and who will die?

Hero at the Fall is the sequel to Rebel of the Sands and Traitor to the Throne. This review may contain minor spoilers for the previous books.

You know that feeling when you get to the end of a really fantastic series, and you’re just basking in a warm glow afterwards? That’s me right now after reading Hero at the Fall.

I could tell you how much I loved the character growth, from Amani’s determination to seeing things through and how she learnt to put her own thoughts and feelings aside for the greater good. Or for how Sam finds his purpose in life after struggling under his flirtatious bravado, or how Jin learns to show his feelings and to protect the people he cares about. I could even talk about the wonderful friendships here, whether that’s the sisterly friendship between Amani and Shazad and the fierce loyalty they had for one another, or how much the brotherly relationship between Jin or Ahmed was fuelled the entire rebellion.

I could even tell you about the wonderful setting in this series, with the Arabian Nights setting with mythological creatures with the more modern, Western twist (guns and steampunk inventions). Whether it’s through the beautifully sandswept desert, from small colourful towns, to mystical caverns, lavish palaces, Amani and the rebels are constantly on the move, travelling through the fascinating world. I could tell you about the djinn and even the demji and how their appearance in the book is central to the war, but that would be speculating.

I was a rebel. I was an advisor to a prince. I had faced down soldiers and Nightmares and Skinwalkers. I had fought and survived. I had stood against a Sultan time and time again. I had summoned an immortal being to his death. I had saved lives, I had sacrificed lives, and I had seen more and done more good than she ever would.

Another thing I could tell you about is the political intrigue and the action-packed narrative in the book. Just like Rebel of the Sands, the last book operates at breakneck speed as we’re constantly on the move from the rebellion, on the quest to save the captured prisoners from the Sultan’s clutches, gathering enough troops, firepower and magic to face his army. Amongst this all, Amani and the rebels will have to make allies and to raise awareness about their cause, in order to overthrow the sultan.

The other thing about war and rebellion (and final books), is that we’re always going to have to say goodbye to some beloved characters, whether that’s in death or in their happily ever afters. I could tell you how Hero at the Fall doesn’t shy away from making us fall in love with its characters and also taking some away, and how it made me cry during some of these events. Similarly, I could you how much I smiled and cheered for these characters, particularly when they overcame impossible odds…or when certain characters kissed.

When it comes down to it, I could tell you about how much I enjoyed this series and how amazing and wonderful I found the characters, but it’s not the same as experiencing it for yourself. All I can do is to tell you that from the start to finish, I loved reading this series and following Amani, Jin, Shazad and the wonderful cast of characters throughout their journey, in hopes that you pick it up and love it too.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Thanks to Allen & Unwin for sending me a review copy.

Hero at the Fall is available from Australian bookstores for RRP$16.99. 

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