Read Play Blog #16 – Fallout 4 & Finding Time for Gaming

November 16, 2015 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Books, Features, Read Play Blog

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Read Play Blog is back for another month of gaming! I’m taking a break from playing Fallout 4 to talk about it this month along with the following topic:

When do you game and when do you read?

It’s Game On! 

Working by day and blogging by night, along with maintaining a busy social life and adulting unfortunately doesn’t leave much time to game. I like to game when I have a big chunk of time free, like weekends or holidays, so I can sit there all day and pretty much be immersed in my game – equivalent to marathoning a book. It’s the best way to experience it if you aren’t pressed for time.

That’s why Telltale Games work for me so well, because each episode is completed in about 3-4 hours. It allows me to experience a story on the weekend and there’s usually a break in between while the next episode comes out. That’s also why you’ll see many Read Play Blogs where I actually haven’t been actively playing a game – I don’t game consistently.

As for big game releases such as Fallout 4, it takes a lot of commitment for me to work up to it. I like to save this play time for weekends when I set aside some time to unwind – I’m usually too tired after work to game.


I don’t know how I’d get in so much reading time without public transport to and from work everyday! It takes my bus about 30-40 minutes each way, which gives me a good reading time, but doesn’t allow me to finish a book within a day. If I’m really immersed in the book, I’d sometimes read before bed, but normally as soon as I lie down I only get to a few pages before I’m snoozing. I will sometimes read on weekends too – but I haven’t had a completely free weekend in a very long time!

Recommendation & Currently Playing: Fallout 4


Surprise surprise! I picked up my collector’s edition as soon as it was released, along with Legacy of the Void (which I unfortunately haven’t picked up yet). I also picked up The History of Fallout book which is actually pretty cool, it has like an overview of different characters, timelines and different games, and I also have the Collector’s Edition Game Guide coming. I’ve seen the Pipboy edition and it looks awesome too, although I probably wouldn’t use it.

So Fallout 4 is amazingly addictive so far! I am loving the crafting and the base building, every single piece of junk you pick up in the wasteland has its use. The scope of Fallout 4 is a lot bigger than it’s predecessors. Just being able to mod absolutely everything, from your weapons, to your abilities, armour and your base is freaking awesome! And I love how you can build settlements to attract survivors form the wasteland, it has that Sims element to it! I’m only 10 hours in and enjoying it so far – although I’ve noticed the enemies seem to be a lot more difficult.

How is everyone else going with Fallout 4?

Next Month’s Question: What games are you looking forward to this holiday season? 

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27 responses to “Read Play Blog #16 – Fallout 4 & Finding Time for Gaming

  1. Heather

    It is so hard to do anything! I am away at work from 8 in the morning till 6 at night and as I drive to work, reading is out the window, tried audio books but they are not me.

    So that leaves a very small window to do anything, I have two girls too, so I want to spend time with them. So blogging and reading is done over a couple of hours each night plus I would love time to game.

    The Zelda series is my thing but I so behind on the games, I need a long holiday to catch up on them, as for Fallout well I don't have the right console for Fallout 4 but I am playing baby Fallout! Fallout Shelter on the iPhone I am addicted and want my own Mr Handy!!
    My recent post #COYER – Going Back to Basics Sign Up

    • I completely agree, this is the same timing as me. It's hard to fit in family time, social life and house work on top of everything isn't it? Fallout Shelter is so much fun!

  2. I have no idea what Fall Out 4 is but they've done a good job marketing the game because it's EVERYWHERE!!

    The one game that I play is The Sims, so it's cool to hear that there are similar elements! I really want to find more time to game (Ben has a gaming computer which I can use), but I get really dizzy with a lot of the games that I've played on his computer 🙁 🙁

    I'm really curious about Pipboy and how he fits in to Fall Out 4!!

    • Yesss it is only the biggest game to be out in the last few years lol! Hmmm you should try out The Wolf Among Us on Telltale Games Joy, it's more of a story based game but still fantastic.


    I haven't had the money to buy Fallout 4, but I am waiting until either the price drops, or it goes on sale (which I don't know if it will for christmas, but I can dream). Anyways, I also tend to play video games during the weekend, because I am busy with EVERYTHING ELSE every other time 🙁

    • I know, I missed out on the pipboy edition however! I hope you get the chance to get it sometime Val. Oh yes I was the same, until Fallout came out and I played it every night whoops.

  4. It is so hard to find the time for all the things sometimes, isn't it? I wish I still caught public transport to work, so then I'd have the extra time to read (alas, I've turned to audiobooks instead!) my PS3 is horribly neglected, it's been used as a glorified blu-ray player for 95% of its life lol so bad, I'll have to get back in to it at some point!
    My recent post Shelf Control #2

    • Oh man, are you playing Fallout 4 at the moment Wattle? It\’s definitely hard to find time, but it\’s been a lot of fun just focusing on gaming lately lol!

  5. Josephine

    This is such an awesome feature/link-up! I really want to do this but I don't game anymore! My brother would much be suited for this yet he is too focussed on his gaming to blog, hehe. It's a shame that he got Fallout 4 a day early, and only got to play it for three days before his computer died. Now he can't even play the game!
    Anywho, I'm rambling. This is an awesome post that I would join in on, if I was still gaming as frequently as I used to!

    • Thanks Josie, it is so much fun blogging about games every now and then! Oh noo, that's such a shame he can't play it! I'm totally addicted to it at the moment lol.

  6. Hmm I'm not sure if I'm waiting for any games this winter, although I'm definitely looking forward to Mass Effect Andromeda NEXT winter ;D I've heard so much about Fallout and it is always recommended to me but I'm not sure if I truly understand what it is about. Who would you recommend it for?

    Oh I was going to ask you-how is your 970 card? Are the fans loud? I have really sensitive hearing so I hate the 960 fans haha.
    My recent post Review: The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu

    • I'm LOVING my 970 card, it's flawless! TBH I can't notice a difference because it's much quieter than my older computer lol. Mass Effect, I haven't even caught up on 2 and 3 yet! Fallout 4 is AWESOME! It's about a dystopian wasteland and you're pretty much building settlements, making allies and questing to survive. Pretty much like Skyrim, but in a different setting.

  7. inlibrisveritas

    That collector's edition is pretty cool! I want a bobblehead! My boyfriend got the PipBoy version, and then I bought him the Fallout 4 Lootcrate for christmas…which he already opened. And some how he ended up with a Vault Boy cardboard standee, so we're basically drowning in Fallout stuff. I'm actually playing it and enjoying it as well, which wasn't something I planned on doing considering how much I loathed 3. (giant bugs killing me all the time wasn't exactly my definition of fun).

  8. Kara Terzis

    Ooh, this is a really great post! It is SO hard to find time for all the things we like, right? When I was much younger I used to be a lot into gaming, but what with school and life that kinda faded to the background, you know? Gaming is something I've been beginning to get back into over the last few months, though (with some encouragement from my older brother, haha.) Never played any of the Fallout games, but I am a big fan of open-world games & Bethesda (I ADORE The Elder Scrolls so much) Softworks, so maybe I'll give it a chance when I have more time.
    My recent post NaNoWriMo Update: Week Two + Stacking the Shelves

    • I completely agree, there is so many commitment these days that time to yourself, whether that's reading or gaming is becoming so rare! Fallout 4 is so fantastically addictive at the moment.

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