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October 11, 2021 by Bec | Books, Chatterbox

Hello, my name is Bec and I’m a notebook hoarder.

I love notebooks and own a ridiculous amount. I’ve probably forgotten where half of my unused notebooks are. Most of them have been started, but I’m not sure I’ve ever actually filled one.

Quite a few of my notebooks are dedicated to bookish things. Currently, I have four notebooks dedicated to book related things.

My Review Notebook

This is my most useful notebook, and probably the most chaotic. It’s completely dedicated to taking notes on my thoughts and feelings as I read review books. Those dot points form the backbone for my reviews. It helps with writing reviews so much!

My Quote Notebook

This is a new notebook I started when I decided I wanted to make bookmarks for fun. This book is all about writing down quotes, character and location details, and lots of little imagery to include as little Easter Eggs in my bookmark designs. It’s the second most chaotic and messy of my notebooks. I usually transcribe my notes from this into a

Google doc so it’s easier to read/ makes more sense.

My Bookmark To Do List Notebook

This notebook started as review journal, but it has recently been adapted to keep track of my bookmark designs. It’s basically a neater version of my quote notebook. I have a list of bookmarks I want to make with specific imagery/ ideas outlined. It’s easier to keep track of that in a separate notebook than in the quote notebook. 

My Book Journal

My most recent bookish notebook/ journal! I used to do a lot of bullet journaling, but I often struggled to keep up with it. These past couple of months I wanted to get back into journaling because it is something I find relaxing, but I didn’t want to do a full on bullet journal with daily and weekly spreads.

This journal is dedicated to only books and is pretty simple. I have two specific monthly pages: a list of anticipated releases, and a buying ban/ reading tracker page. After those monthly pages, I’m doing one pages spreads for my top reads of the month (four stars or higher). Occasionally I’ll do a spread for a readalong or book tour book too.

It’s become a great source of content for Instagram and Tik Tok. I still feel like an amateur, but I’ve started sharing time-lapse videos.

Do you journal?

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Bec is an Aussie blogger and reader who loves all types of novels. Fantasy, sci fi, and historical are my usual go-to genres. If I’m not binge reading, I’m usually gaming, trying to take decent photos for bookstagram, or freaking out about silly things.

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