BLOG PARTY: Eight Exceptional Things About Happy Indulgence

July 17, 2020 by Bec | Books, Chatterbox, Features

Can you believe Happy Indulgence has been around for EIGHT YEARS?! What a milestone! Especially in this day and age where it feels like there aren’t that many book blogs around anymore (compared to bookstagram and booktube at least).

While I may have only been a blogger at Happy Indulgence for a few months, I’ve been a reader since 2013. Happy Indulgence has always been one of my favourite blogs, and I can’t tell you how honoured I am to be a contributor now. There are numerous reasons why this blog is so great.

1. It’s so pretty!

This is pretty superficial, but you can’t tell me it’s not true. This blog is gorgeous! I love the design. The pink and the clouds are iconic, and it’s simple and clean. Then there are all the photos Jeann takes! I am in awe of her book photography skills.

2. Lots of support

While we haven’t posted too many tutorials recently, we do have a number of posts where we share blogging tips and tricks for new bloggers. Our most recent is about how we plan and write our reviews, but there are a whole series of posts in our “Happy Blogging” feature. I can’t speak for myself, but Jeann and Jenna are incredibly nice and approachable and helpful even outside of these posts. They’re so supportive and encouraging. I’m very grateful I have them as cobloggers.

3. Brilliant on multiple platforms

Not only do we post great content here (I might be slightly biased about the quality of our posts), but we also post some good stuff on Instagam and Twitter. Jeann occasionally posts on Youtube when she has a chance too. We’ve invaded all the major bookish communities.

4. Three distinct points of view

There are three of us blogging here at Happy Indulgence, and each of us has slightly different taste in books. As Aila (one of the former cobloggers at Happy Indulgence. We miss her!) pointed out to me on Twitter: Jenna’s the one to promote contemporary novels, Jeann mostly reads fantasy, and I’m apparently starting to be known for romance (though I also love fantasy and sci fi. A few of my favourites are actually books Jeann didn’t like, interestingly). It’s a nice wide range of bookish opinions and recommendations.

5. More than just books

Happy Indulgence is primarily a book blog, but we do occasionally post some other things about our lives outside of books. Things like Jenna’s sourdough, Stan! (I love Stan so much. I lose it laughing every time she talks about Stan) and gaming (I’ll be writing some posts about the RPGs I like soon. I’m not into Animal Crossing like Jenna and Jeann are haha). It’s nice to see different aspects of our lives beyond the books sometimes.

6. We have a Toby

Toby is a Very Good Boi, the Goodest of Good Bois, and the unofficial Happy Indulgence mascot. Enough said.

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7. One of my earliest blogging inspirations

Like I said, I’ve been reading Happy Indulgence since 2013. Which is coincidently when I started book blogging seriously. Happy Indulgence was one of the first blogs I followed and quickly became one of my inspirations. Back then it was just Jeann contributing to the blog, and I loved everything she did. I wanted my blog to one day be as amazing as hers. I never would have expected to be posting myself on the blog I enjoyed so much!

8. Jeann herself

I can’t write a post about how great Happy Indulgence is without gushing over how amazing Jeann is. Seriously, she’s the best. You all know how friendly she is online, but did you know she’s just as nice in person? Not only is she lovely, but she’s a MACHINE. She works, has a very young child, and is incredibly active in the bookish community. Aside from blogging, bookstagramming, and booktube, she has also been a moderator at a number of writer’s festivals and is one of the hosts of the Name of the Book Club. HOW DOES SHE DO IT?!

What are your favourite things about Jeann, Jenna and Happy Indulgence?

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Bec is an Aussie blogger and reader who loves all types of novels. Fantasy, sci fi, and historical are my usual go-to genres. If I’m not binge reading, I’m usually gaming, trying to take decent photos for bookstagram, or freaking out about silly things.

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  1. This is such a lovely post, Bec! I agree with everything you say, everyone is just so lovely and supportive of each other, it’s clear that you guys have a beautiful and genuine friendships and it’s just show <3 It's always lovely reading your post, or tweets, or bookstagrams because it's all so high quality!

    • Bec

      I’m so happy I got to join you and Jenna here! It’s has been amazing to be back blogging on such a fantastic blog with two awesome cobloggers

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