The Initial Impressions Tag: How I Befriended 5 Bloggers

August 14, 2015 by Jeann @ Happy Indulgence | Books, Features


I was tagged by the lovely Val @ Innocent Smiley on the Initial Impressions Tag, created by ValHolly, ShannonAmber. Thanks so much for the tag! The point of this tag is to pick a couple of bloggers and share your first impressions of them. This is going to be so much fun!

The Rules:
1. Choose a couple of bloggers that you remember your first impression of from when you first started following them or discovered their blog!
2. Talk about your first impression of them! And whether your impression of them has changed!
3. Tag tag tag! You can also tag the bloggers you wrote about as well.
4. Don’t forget to thank the person who tagged you!

Melanie @ YA Midnight Reads

When I was a year into blogging and I was looking for blogs to follow, YA Midnight Reads stuck out to me. I loved all of Melanie’s posts for her honesty and her fun snarky personality that really came through in her posts! I think she was one of the first Aussie bloggers who I noticed received ARCs from publishers. I really look up to Mel and her awesome camaraderie with her two co-bloggers, Celine and Larissa and she inspired me to look for my own co-blogger. Most of all, I was super impressed that Mel was only 13 at the time! ILY little Mel <3

Amir @ Not So Literary

Amir is my oldest blogging friend. She commented on my FIRST EVER post ranting about Fifty Shades of Gray! We’ve been blogging together since the start, just over 3 years ago. I visited Amir’s blog every now and then and back then had no idea about commenting back lol. Amir is so amazing, supportive, totally gorgeous and I love her maturity when it comes to blogging, life and travelling. This girl would support you to no ends. We’ve both come a long way since then and just entered the booktubing world together! <33

Faye @ The Social Potato

This blogging powerhouse is one of my dearest blogging friends. The Social Potato sparked my interest when it first started – it was so full of personality, such a variety of content and fun posts! What I really respected back then was the amount of followers and content she had – she had a loyal follower base who commented on her posts regularly. Faye never fails to amaze me with her creativity in her post, her heartfelt and emotional reviews and the way she brings a blogging community together. So much love for Faye and her co-bloggers, Rashika and Aimee xoxo

Bec @ Readers in Wonderland

I first got to know Bec on her own blog, Ransom Reads which is now closed. I loved her fun reviewing style with gifs and the way she broke down a book! Also her love and passion for animals and horses. We have a lot in common with our mutual love for fantasy novels, Phoenix Wright and Professional Layton. After chatting for a while, Bec and I met in person at a book bloggers/ tumblr meetup along with Chiara. We go to every bookish event there is together in our city. The rest we say, is history. Lots of love, Bec <33

Kelly @ Diva Booknerd

Kelly, what can I say about this hilarious snarky individual? I first came to know Kelly through the David Estes Street Team, along with Dre. We actually inspired her to start a blog, and I’m very proud of how far she’s come! Kelly has been a great support for me and I really enjoy her humour and talking to her. She never fails to help out and chip in when you need it and I’m always in awe by hard she works – for Aussie YA Bloggers, for authors, and for other bloggers. Also her graphic design is amazing. xoxoxo.

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42 responses to “The Initial Impressions Tag: How I Befriended 5 Bloggers

  1. danielleisbusyreading

    Aww this is such a fun tag!
    Melanie and Faye have inspired me so much! I love their blogs to pieces. <3

    • Heheh I had no clue about commenting back and stuff then lol so I\’m so glad you stuck with it XD Hahah can\’t wait to see your post!

  2. keionda

    Aww! I'm so HONORED that I know almost all of these bloggers or have seen their names around the block so woohoo! They are truly awesome people and I love their creativity and personality. <3

  3. Aw, this is so FUN! I cannot believe that Mel was 13- I think at 13, I was still reading The Baby-Sitter's Club. Also, we didn't have the internet, because like, two people I know did, and they were super rich, and blogs weren't a thing. I digress. Sounds like Amir has fabulous taste- as does anyone agreeing with a 50 Shades rant 😉 This is great, I love the way you met everyone!
    My recent post This Week At Midnight (74)

  4. Awww I love this take! It's awesome to see how these friendships all started ;D Mel is so sweet and snarky, and I adore her blog and posts. Her camaraderie among her co-bloggers is the best. Faye and Amir are such sweeties!! Bec's posts are so hilarious, and I love the energy she pours into her posts. Kelly's blog is gorgeous, and her reviews are so thought-provoking. Nice tag!

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

    • I know, it was a lot of fun! Considering how some of these friendships go back for years hehe. I love Mel's snarkiness and all of these bloggers. And you as well Rachel! Heheh 🙂

    Each of these bloggers are absolutely amazing and bring something unique and incredible to the blogosphere. I don't know what we'd do without them! Lovely tag Jeann!

  6. Mel was 13????? 13!!!??? That is crazy impressive. When I was 13 I was busy lumping around as usual. And it's so true that Faye is a powerhouse blogger, no matter how hard she tries to deny it hahaha. And awww Amir and Kelly <3 So glad Kelly is blogging because of you hahaha!

    Thanks for doing the tag Jeann 😀 😀 😀

    • IKR!!! I am still in awe of her lol. I remember reading my personal livejournal back in the day when I was 13 and oh dear, it was so embarrassing in comparison. Haha yes I am proud of her 🙂

  7. Maraia

    Aww, this was such a cute tag. It was nice learning how you met everyone. I actually don't know any of these bloggers! I did play Mafia with Bec last round, but sadly I didn't get to know her at all.

    • I know, I think it was fun just looking back and seeing how we met! I have no idea Nick, I think I stumbled upon your blog one day because I saw your comment on someone's blog…I'm glad we met Nick 🙂

  8. Bec

    We do have great taste in fantasy novels 😉 And games haha.

    Oh man, I can't even remember how I came to know half the people I talk to frequently in the blogosphere, let alone my first impression. It was probably awe of how awesome they are XD This includes you, Jeann! Thanks for the tag, hopefully I get time to do it 🙂
    My recent post Review: Birdy by Jess Vallance

  9. BLOGGING POWERGOUSE?! Haha, I think you're overestimating me, Jeann, but I am very very thankful for the kind words <3 It makes them so much more meaningful because I hold you very, very close to my heart. You are one of my dearest friends, too, and I am so glad to have met you! Back then, my first impression of you was someone who was kind, laid-back, and supportive, and I know first-hand how true these three are! <3 <3 Thank you for being such an amazing friend!
    My recent post 12 Ways to Tell You Are Actually a Bookworm

    • Hahah nonsense Faye you are being too humble! You my girl, are amazing and I am so happy to have met you. Blogging would be so different without your presence, that's for sure! Thank you as well <3

  10. laurahartleyy

    This is such a cute idea! There are lots of blogs out there that I admire, but I still wish I had more blogging friends 🙁 I'm not sure I could remember my first impressions of all my favourite blogs though as a lot of them have changed immensely over the years!

    Laura @ What's Hot?

    • Awww Laura do you have Twitter? I find commenting on each other's blogs regularly and/or chatting on Twitter helps to build blogging friends, especially if you guys both started out at the same time or so 🙂

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